About EW Scope

I’m Alex Farr, the founder of EW Scope. I thrive on supporting people, whether that’s with their personal development or optimisation of extended workforce software. I have over 15 years experience in leadership roles, and 20 years navigating the world of workforce software and services.

My mission, and passion, is to deliver services that add value. I believe my mix of leadership and industry experience can enhance how business buy, or provide, software services, and do not forget about the importance of motivation to be successful.

Helping People

What brings me personal joy is assisting businesses finding the right solutions and developing individuals to be successful in whatever they do. My mix of industry and leadership experience puts me in a unique position to bring value to people in the workforce industry.

Seek out Opportunity

I believe that however motivated you are, and happy you are with the services you manage, there is always opportunity for increased performance and happiness. Pro-activity seeking out ways to evolve and change is what I'm all about.

Performance is key

No software or service will add value without high performing people. I have learnt the hard way from past failures and believe that performance, and the impact of people motivation, is critical to implementing and managing software and services.

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