Why is Motivation so important?

Motivation is crucial in the workplace as it plays a significant role in driving performance and productivity. When people are motivated, they are more likely to be engaged in their work, take initiative, and strive for excellence. I have seen many cases where buyers and providers aim to implement and manage services that should add value, but they have failed to deliver due to a lack of motivation.

Assessing a team’s motivational drivers can add significant value and, when coupled with whether those motivations are being satisfied, can draw an accurate picture of how successful that team will be. It can help highlight potential conflicts, but ultimately make sure your team understands what motivates each other and enables leaders to ensure people are happy and engaged. 

What services can scope your motivational drivers?

Team Focussed

Focussed on the individual

Motivation impacts all of us and as a leader you can harness the power of assessing motivational drivers in many settings. De-motivation leads to poor engagement and inconsistent performance. Challenges will start to appear:  increased staff turnover, customer dissatisfaction, not meeting business objectives and revenue loss. Embarking on a team review of motivational drivers will help combat these challenges. In addition, digging into motivational drivers can also assist:

  • Recruitment
  • Succession planning
  • Appraisals & objective setting
  • Performance Reviews
  • Having a happy and successful team!!

Extended Workforce projects can be complex, even without taking the human element into account. A high percentage of projects that fail, do so due to a diverse set of people working together that will have different motivations. Assessing the motivation of your project team will:

  • Assist collaboration and communication
  • Highlight any potential conflicts
  • Help understand that you have the right resources assigned
  • Pinpoint how satisfied resources are to be engaged.

Whether you are a business with an in-house delivery team, or a provider with a dedicated support team, motivation is paramount to the success of your extended workforce program. Taking time to assess what motivates these teams will:

  • Look at what motivates your team, and the impact of those motivations on delivery
  • Aid seeing if team members are on the right path to succeed
  • Assist understanding why your team is successful or has challenges
  • Support the personal development of individuals

Many professionals get stuck in their careers without fully understanding why. Knowing what drives you can help identify where your motivations are now and what changes could be made for your future. Although the foundations of my personal coaching follows a consistent structure, it flexes based on your current need and situation. What would we cover?

  • An initial discussion for you to set the scene on your current situation
  • Completion of a motivational map profile
  • Personalised report highlighting what motivates you
  • De-brief to discuss output, ask further questions and look at satisfaction
  • Further personalised report looking at how you are satisfying your motivations, questions to reflect on and ideas around an action plan to support your development.
  • Flexible options to continue support in the future that meet your needs, if any.

Rather than utilising a full 1-2-1 review, you may just wish for specific support to match with your expectations. Quick Assess is a great way to still leverage the power of motivational coaching.  You may feel more comfortable consuming data rather than discussing. With this option you will:

  • Have access to complete a motivation map assessment
  • Be provided with a report on what currently motivates you
  • Receive further data on how you are satisfying those motivations.

The preference would be to have an initial quick call so you understand how to analyse the data. Then if you feel comfortable managing yourself, or sharing the output with your manager to help your development, you have the flexibility to do so.

Quick Assess can also be used in a team setting.

Knowing your own motivational drivers is great, but do they match up to what others think? Gaining 360 feedback can give valuable insights into areas that could not only be affecting your motivation, but those working with you.

360 Assess is a great tool to help you refine your approach with others and review how you are perceived to be, as we all know that perception tends to be the reality.

Take advantage of a free 30 minute consultation

Utilising Motivational Maps

Motivational Maps is an ISO accredited tool to support licenced practitioners delve into individuals motivation rather than personality. Motivational Maps, which is used extensively by people around the world, is an extremely accurate self-perception tool based on three groups of motivation clusters: through your relationships, your own achievements, and through your individual growth.

Having a solid skill base is essential to performance and productivity, but motivation is also correlated. Without being motivated, individuals are less likely to harness the skill set they have to perform.  There is a direct link to our personal energy, enthusiasm and drive which all increase when we are highly motivated.  Success does not come without high-levels of motivation, using motivational maps can increase staff performance and result in happy people and a happy team!

Motivational Maps are unique in their simplicity, application and usefulness. By measuring emotional energy they help overcome personal and career
development issues, support managers and teams to achieve greater productivity, and strategically can turbo-charge organisational progress.

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