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Utilising Motivational Maps

Motivational Maps is an ISO-accredited tool that supports licenced practitioners in delving into individuals’ motivation rather than personality. It is used extensively by people around the world and is an extremely accurate self-perception tool based on three groups of motivation clusters: through relationships, your own achievements, and your individual growth.

A solid skill base is essential to performance and productivity, but motivation is also correlated. Without being motivated, individuals are less likely to harness the skill set they have to perform. There is a direct link to our energy, enthusiasm, and drive, all of which increase when we are highly motivated. Success does not come without high motivation levels; using motivational maps can increase staff performance and result in happy people and a team!

Motivational Maps are unique in their simplicity, application and usefulness. By measuring emotional energy, they help overcome personal and career
development issues, support managers and teams to achieve greater productivity, and strategically can turbo-charge organisational progress.

"Not only is Alex a leader but he is a coach and it's that combination, along with his genuine warmth, that makes him stand out from most"
LW, Account Manager
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"His warm personality is an excellent foil for a razor-sharp business brain, focused on nurturing talent, identifying goals and providing motivation for them to achieve"
AD, Value Director
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" I would highly recommend Alex to help any business in need of developing leadership skills in their team."
AV. Chief Operating Officer
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" The coaching Alex provided helped me on my professional development, support my teams better and helped me develop my own sense and style of leadership."
BW, Director
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"I wholeheartedly recommend Alex for his outstanding skills in motivational coaching. He is an invaluable asset to any business seeking to elevate their workforce"
LH, Director
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"If you’re seeking a professional who can seamlessly integrate industry knowledge with a proven track record of motivating teams, Alex is the ideal choice."
AJ, Product Manager
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