Software Consulting Services

improve how you use Extended Workforce software

  • How to approach gathering your needs
  • Making sure the right governance and resources are in place
  • What should a software provide you with
  • Understand how to identify a need
  • Evolve a need into something that will add value
  • Putting measures in place to track value
  • Assessing the complexity of where you want to get to
  • Helping you prioritise to get the results you expect
  • Highlighting areas that need further investigation
  • Providing insight where value is being missed
  • Delivering transparency on items that could cause challenges
  • Focusing on topics that need extra attention to achieve
  • Based on your expected value, recommended the right software
  • Provide RFI & RFP support
  • Ensure your full needs are met in your selection process
  • Help put the foundations in place for any implementation
  • Create a governance framework to set-up for success
  • Keep key internal and external resources on track
  • Monitor that value metrics are put in place
  • Navigate any scope creep internally and externally
  • Help assess that you are still getting the value you expected post implementation
  • Firefight any challenges you have and put a plan in place to correct
  • Provide guidance on where extra value can be suggested to take your program forward
  • Scope out any complex future projects
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engaging with eW scope will help you

Increase Value gained

By tapping into extensive knowledge around managing scope

Enhance utilisation

Draw on years of experience in improving contingent software and service solutions

Manage Complexity

By simplifying what might look challenging, into forward thinking solutions

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