What makes it difficult for buyers to select extended workforce solutions

Thanks for taking the time to open and read my points of view, I’m extremely passionate about all the topics I blog about and even if you take one thing from this let me know. 

During my career in the Extended Workforce one of the biggest challenges has been to get buyers live with services, with the time spent to understand, select and implement solutions taking longer and longer. Getting the value from your Extended Workforce is so important and if you don’t match your needs to the right service provider then this will make getting that much more difficult.

I wanted to share what factors I feel that can make it difficult for a buyer to select service providers to manage their extended workforce. Some of these factors include:

1. Limited market knowledge:

Knowledge comes with time and experience; specific industries and countries are through several cycles of selecting Extended Workforce service providers.  Where buyers are less knowledgeable it’s only natural to not have a full understanding of what solutions are best fit to provide value. This can make it challenging to identify and evaluate potential providers that can meet their specific needs.

2. Complex requirements:

Managing an extended workforce can be complex, with various factors to consider such as compliance, legal regulations, and cultural fit. Buyers need to find service providers that can effectively navigate these complexities and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations. This can take time so adding complexity to a buyers needs will make it more difficult to find that right fit.

3. Lack of transparency:

This can come from both sides of the coin, firstly a buyer may not give service providers all the required information to correctly scope out how to support them. In addition, and a common observation the industry, buyers may not truly understand what they need meaning they cannot be fully transparent until engaging service providers.  Secondly, service providers may not provide clear and transparent information about their services, pricing, and performance metrics. This can make it difficult for buyers to evaluate and compare different providers.

4. Varying expertise:

Service providers may have different levels of expertise and experience in managing extended workforces. Buyers need to ensure that the provider they choose has the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively manage their specific workforce requirements. If providers are not making it clear and understandable to match a client’s needs then this ultimately causes the buyer a challenge to select whether that provider can provide the value needed.

5. Lack of references and reviews:

Buyers may struggle to find reliable/relevant references and reviews for service providers. Buyers to do not have access as it stands to public assessable references and in addition a large number of companies are not willing to provide references due to internal procuring policy. This can make it difficult to assess the provider’s track record and reputation, leading to uncertainty and hesitation in the selection process.

6. Integration with existing systems

Buyers may already have existing systems and processes in place, and they need to ensure that the service provider can seamlessly integrate with these systems. Compatibility and integration challenges can make the selection process more difficult if this is important for the buyer to confirm before selecting.

7. Cost considerations

Buyers need to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of different service providers. This involves considering not only the upfront costs but also the long-term value and return on investment provided by the chosen provider. Not every provider offers similar pricing models and will vary their models based on the needs of the buyer.

Overall, the complexity of managing an extended workforce, coupled with the lack of transparency, limited market knowledge, and various other factors, can make it challenging for buyers to select the right service provider for their needs. That’s were utilising an independent business, such as EW Scope 😉, can assist buyers through these difficulties and get to the value they expect quicker.

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